8 Reasons to join the Digital Media and Advertising Industry

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8 Reasons to join the Digital Media and Advertising Industry

Graduating this summer, lost in the job search and confused about what you should look to go into?

Are you excited by tech, love marketing, enjoy talking to people? Have you considered a career within digital media and advertising?

If you haven’t already then you definitely should look into it. There are many benefits to being in the digital advertising and media industry. If you haven’t already heard of its reputation then we’ve listed some comments below to give you a better understanding. Not only is it one of the fastest growing industries, but digital advertising and digital media are also extremely well respected and despite the relaxed and fun environment these people work extremely hard and love what they do. Here’s some of the reasons why;


Basic salaries range from £20-25k however get a year under your belt with experience in programmatic and you can be looking at achieving nearer the £30k mark a good wage to be on a year after uni.


Why come out of the social hub of university to go into a stuffy office, no need. Digital is cool, young and fun with loads of socials, team nights out, summer balls and Christmas extravaganzas. Companies are usually located in the heart of the trendiest streets in London so I’m sure you’ll find a cool local nearby.


Do you want to work in a sector that is always growing and developing new technology a world where it's ever evolving and finding new ways to engage in the right audience?! This is a really dynamic and exciting industry that welcomes new technologies daily.


Unlike industries such as finance and banking here you don't have to work 12 hour days, have no lunch break and commit yourself to a life of reading the financial times. Digital offers flexibility, sociable working hours and benefits such as beer and wine fridges, ping pong tables etc


You don't need to work for a company for 5 years to become a senior member of staff, if you have the passion, charisma and knowledge you can move up as fast as you want. This is across the industry, Agency to Ad tech or within job role, from an Analyst to an Account Manager. It's all possible as the industry is known for its flexibility.


The Digital Media and Advertising industry is growing fast and it is hugely international, think about it France use the web, smart phones and tablets as much as us! Therefore there are many digital hubs around the world; the majority of companies we work with do have international offices.


There are many graduate jobs within digital, from analytical, technical and commercial opportunities many people want to work in digital. If you work for one of these companies you will receive fantastic training, development, networking and career opportunities, not to mention making lots of friends along the way.


Working within digital you will be working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Think about it, they all advertise and are all looking to market to the right people at the right time. 

There are many benefits to working in the Digital Media and Advertising industries, if you are interested in a career with one of them please get in touch. We will meet with you, talk you through your options and give you advice, helping you start your career.

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