Grad Tips: How to go about kick starting your job search?

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Grad Tips: How to go about kick starting your job search?

Have you recently graduated? Lost in the job search and need more direction? We’re here to help! Below are some pointers to help you in your graduate job search.


Think about what you want to go into. Research the industry and key players in the sector.

Be Ready

Get your CV up to scratch, looking tip top and ready to go. This will take the stress away when making applications.

Have Direction

Know what you want; What location? What salary? When do you want to start a job?

Be Personable

Tailor your profile to the job you are applying for. Tailor your profile (paragraph at the top of your CV every time you apply to a job). A Hiring Managers pet hate is when someone applied to a Digital Analyst role within media and their CV says they want finance. It’s a big no no!

Use the Internet

Get your CV on job boards that relate to the roles/sector you want. We recommend Jobsite/Reed/Monster. Both companies recruiting for themselves and recruitment agencies will use these daily.

Use Social Media

Upload your profile to LinkedIn and detail what you want, your skill set, achievements and the attributes you can bring to a potential employer. 

Be Proactive 

Don't just apply to companies that have just advertised. Apply to the companies you want to work for. LinkedIn is a great way to do this. You can send direct messages to managers asking about opportunities or how you go about introducing your details into them. 

Chase Up 

Follow up. Not heard back from an application? Drop them a call to see how your application is doing. This highlights proactivity, gives you a real chance to show that you really are interested and also showcases your amazing communication skills.

Remain Positive

Don't lose hope if you don't hear back the next day. You will need to make a number of applications and will most likely go on several interviews before securing your first role. Set aside 2 hours per day whilst job searching; 1 hour making a list of the roles you want to send your CV to and 1 hour making those applications.

Use Us

Do use recruiters, they are there to help you. Research industry specific agencies and know what they do, the market they recruit into and which roles they have live which are of interest to you. 

Be Organised

Keep a list of all the jobs you apply for and the interview you attend. Keep feedback details - this will help you with future interviews. If you are using recruiters make a note of the name of the agency and the consultant you're working with for every role. Things can get confusing and it doesn't reflect well if you are dis-organised.

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