Have you just arrived back in the UK after a luxurious summer away travelling the world?

Posted on 13th August 2015 - tagged in graduate

Have you just arrived back in the UK after a luxurious summer away travelling the world?

Many graduates finish university and take the opportunity to go away over the summer.

It’s a chance to make the most of having no one to answer too, no lectures, no grueling exams to content with, and your last opportunity to have no job to report into. Why shouldn't you make the most of this time? You've worked hard over the past three years! (or arguably 18 years in education)

Back at home, what to do now? Whilst the Friends omnibus and Jeremy Kyle in the morning are always a good watch, daytime TV just doesn’t cut it. The guilt ‘I should get a job’ starts to kick in as your parents, family or friends mention the J word, or worse, start asking what you want to do with your life. Not now Mum, the 50 year plan isn’t ready quite yet.

If this is you then you probably know 2 things - you want to move out and you need money to do that.

Time to start looking for a graduate job. Graduate job schemes may have already filled their intakes for the year however there are lots of other fun, cool and interesting graduate jobs out there. With many of these providing extensive training, support, progression, development and an actual work life balance.

Finding a career you love and a company you enjoy working at isn’t as hard as it sounds, especially within Digital, it’s an exciting environment to be in…. read the 8 reasons to be in digital here.

By way of next steps,

Have a think about what you want to do.

1.     Could you see yourself dealing with clients or would you rather number crunching or even ‘coding’ you’re little heart out?

2.     What industry do you want to work in? Some people are born for finance, others born for media

3.     What type of position appeals to you? i.e. Analytics, Account management, Sales or Marketing

Don’t panic if you don’t know this in great detail. Just having a general idea about your own likes and dislikes is important too. If you ask most people how they ended up in a job it usually is by chance, so don’t stress out on these things.

Then, create an updated CV and, if you haven’t already, send it to Sphere and put it on a job board (common ones are Reed, Monster and GradJob.

Use LinkedIn, speak to your contacts then search and apply for the jobs that you like to look of. Or you could be a little more proactive and search for companies that you like the look of applying to them directly. Not all companies have their live jobs advertised online and you may get in there ahead of the game. Another impressive way to find a good company is to search for industry awards and contact the winners- why wouldn’t you want to join an award winning company?


Don’t panic, chill. Yes, it can be annoying applying for loads of jobs but expand your search and it will not take you long. The turnaround for some of these grad jobs can be as little as 2 days.  

My advice is embrace the time off, enjoy being given the opportunity to think about what you want to do and don’t give up, you will find the right job for you; it just takes a bit of effort, time and dedication. 

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