Q & A – Hot Ad Technology topics in the market

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Q & A – Hot Ad Technology topics in the market

Q & A – Hot topics in the market

Sphere was pleased and proud to sponsor the Best Ad Technology provider for Publishers award at The Drum's Digital Trading Awards 2014. The Drum recently published their inaugural digital trading manifesto: 

To keep things quick and simple for you we have picked out some of the key theme's from the Q&A with industry figure heads who contributed to the manifesto.

Q 1

Brand Safety? How to overcome inappropriate ad placement.

Ecommerce brands we deal with such as Tesco's or Asos would want to have their ads posted towards their target audience on sites that would not damage their reputation. Unfortunately this is still an issue with many ads accidentally appearing in inappropriate environments. Niall Hogan from Integral Ad Science argues ‘…from H2 2013, advertisers had purchased inappropriate placement of ads from 3% up to 8% of impressions. These may seem like small percentages, but the damage to a brands image could be incalculable…. Brands naturally want to protect themselves from negative consumer criticism.’ 

Despite technology moving on so fast this is still a problem we notice and hear about often. How can this be resolved? Sphere’s MD Ed says ‘Make using an ad verification platform mandatory for every online media buy.’ However as Martin Kelly CEO of Infectious Media says ‘there are technologies that can help along with manual processes like whitelisting sites, that all reputable companies should use.’

Our verdict is you cannot eliminate this problem completely but you can reduce it. Technologies will become better and smarter to react to this type of problem… but who will do it first!


How can programmatic gain its rightful place on the media plan?

Programmatic is currently on many media plans and the opportunity for it to gain its rightful place is increasing.  We agree with Mark Syal at Essence who states ‘When advertisers and agencies start to that they can deliver targeted and controllable brand activity, it will become a more prominent medium’. This is also linked to brand safety in the questions above, according to Ed Steer ‘if advertisers and publishers are offered a safe and secure environment to buy and sell media’ programmatic will gain a larger share of the media plan. Ed in the article states ‘with businesses like Sky, Conde Nast and the Telegraph creating private market places the availability of premium inventory will encourage more advertisers and agencies to include programmatic on their plans’. What needs to happen, and is happening, is people are starting to understand the value of programmatic, and according to Nick Reid at TubeMogul ‘it increases focus and efficiency of campaigns which will only help drive more spend’ which cannot be a bad thing.

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Very interesting insight. Measurability is surely the major issue though? Programmatic as an automated campaign tool is certainly highly effective in delivering commercial response but how can you automate the measurement of online display advertising on brand perception? Tom Hancock

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