RTB & Programmatic - better now than never!

Posted on 17th April 2014 - tagged in digital news, RTB, digital

RTB & Programmatic  - better now than never!

RTB & Programmatic  - better now than never!

Having spent the last year recruiting into the UK digital media industry, I have been immersed in one of the fastest growing part of the digital landscape.   Coming from a marketing agency in Newcastle,  where I had studied business and marketing, where local media owners and publishers still tag their online inventory on as part of print deals, to London and the ecosystem of DSP’s, SSP’s, Exchanges, Trading Desks and Networks was quite a shock to say the least. 

My experiences and meetings with people over the past year made me start to think about how achievable a transition into programmatic is from other parts of digital both now and in the future.

Overall, the programmatic market is short of good candidates. I would suggest this is especially prevalent at a junior to mid-level. There is an imbalance between the rate at which programmatic businesses are growing and the number of people with programmatic experience. What does this mean? Simply, now is a great time for people who wish to get into programmatic to do so. Businesses in the space are aware of the lack of talent and, on the whole, this is reflected in relatively flexible recruitment practises. 

With the right coaching and research, people with network, media owner/ publisher, paid search, affiliate, planning and buying backgrounds and more can all make the transition to a programmatic role. However, as more and more people gain programmatic experience the balance of power will shift and there will become more barriers to entry and competition for jobs. I think this change is already becoming prevalent to a degree with the increasing amount of programmatic graduate jobs and internships arising; businesses have their core mid-senior hires in place and the ideal scenario for them is to have their next group of senior managers to have programmatic experience from day one in their careers.

In short, if you are looking for that career shift into programmatic, I believe now is the time to make the most of how the market sits. You benefit from the flexibility of businesses in the spaces recruitment practices and gain the knowledge and experience that is going to be increasingly in demand as this part of the industry scales and grows. 

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