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how we work with you

We listen to you and find out about you:  Initially over the phone and then at our office in Covent Garden, we will take role to learn about what you have done and most importantly what you want to do next.

We give you experience: Whilst being selected by Sphere, you will have a phone interview, attend a group assessment and have a 1-2-1 meeting with our expert team.  These interviews will likely be repeated with our clients and the experience and feedback you have from us, from our time spent with you proves to be invaluable!

We help you learn about the companies and jobs that we recruit:  We are experts in all things digital media, marketing and communication . And we have a fantastic knowledge centre for graduates.  We will spend time with you, educating you on the companies and jobs that you want to work for.

We give you feedback and coaching:   We all have development areas.  Especially when we are starting out in our careers! We will give you the feedback you need to help you land the job of your dreams.  And we will work with you to help make little teams here and there that employers look for when hiring graduates.