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Interview Advice

Some different types of interview

1. Phone interview

Phone interviews gauge your communication skills and are usually an introduction to the company and a chat through your CV.

* Top tip - Ensure you are somewhere quiet with good signal and expect their call and have some basic questions prepared for the interviewer at the end of the call

2. Online Testing

Online tests are used to test skills ability in areas like writing, maths/analytics and personality. A lot of companies use these.  Particularly larger companies and for marketing, analytical and technical roles.

* Top tip - Do your preparation, don’t just jump straight into the test!

3. Group Interviews

Group Interviews are most commonly used when companies are hiring multiple staff.  They give you a chance to find out more about the company and the role and will usually include team exercises and sometimes a 1-2-1 interview.

* Top tip - Make sure to be open and engaging in group interviews.  Take a leading role yet it is very important to listen to, acknowledge and understand others.

4. Competency Interviews

Competency based interviews are fairly “standard”. Prepare thoroughly make sure you know about the role and be ready to answer questions about your CV, skills and scenarios.

* Top tip - It’s all about the preparation!

Top interview questions asked

The top competency based interview questions

Top Tips for interviews

This is key, use this as an opportunity to showcase your research, highlight your interest and make an impression. A good firm handshake goes a long way and rememeber to smile.