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Media Owners and Publishers: 

Anyone who produces content is a media owner.  There are a number of different type of content owners:  broadcasters (Sky, Itv, BBC…) publishers (Newspapers- Telegraph, Times… “B2B” Magazines, The Recruiter,  B2C Magazine, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, 4-4-2, Nuts, Zoo, Elle), radio (Heart, Capital, Xfm…) outdoor (billboards, the underground…) and online (Aol, Yahoo, Msn, Google).  Today we view content on all sorts of platforms (desktop, mobile). Media owners and publishers make money by selling advertising to their audience (us) and by selling data.  Some charge subscriptions although most people expect online content to be free. So it has to be monetised via advertising

Ad Technology:

With the emergence of the internet there are amazing companies who change the way we communicate and live via technology. Think Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon as some well known platforms.  We work with companies at the heart of this advancement. Our clients mainly innovate with mobile, video and social advertising and work very heavily in programmatic buying.  Look into businesses in this space.  It’s truly exciting and a brilliant place to quickly build a great career.


Media planning and buying agencies work with the advertisers, helping them decide where best to use their advertising budget, whether this be through tv, outdoor, press or online. The biggest agencies in the world include Starcom, Omnicom And Groupm.  Agencies are a great place to work.  They represent the biggest brands in the world and get to deal with (by buying from them) all of the cool ad tech companies and major publishers.


Most companies now sell their services online.  Look at retail. Travel, FMCG, Banking – we buy all of these products online.  So traditional brands and businesses are rapidly becoming ecommerce companies.  And they need to hire online specialists in areas like marketing, creative and analytics to operate in this way. As these companies make this transition their digital teams lie at the heart of this innovation.