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What does a company in the digital industry want from a Graduate?

It’s coming up to Christmas, summer is well and truly over, your university exams finished in May and you may have been travelling, done some work experience or just taken some time off which I do not blame you for! So, now is the time to get stuck into work and start your dream career in the digital industry. It’s a great time to start with our clients hiring to set themselves up for the New Year.

The question is now… how do you get that dream job?

As a recent graduate I was made to believe throughout school, college and university the most important thing to have a successful career is education, education, education. It is engrained into us from an early age without even realising. Looking back now of course education is important, it’s the foundation of knowledge, discipline and life lessons. I now, however, have a full-time job in recruitment and will never need to use a maths equation or need to know what photosynthesis is… so what are employers in the digital industry looking for from a ‘fresh graduate’? Someone who may have no relevant working experience and only academics on their CV. 

It’s not what you would expect… I spoke to Ben Whitely (Head of Client Delivery) from MeltWater who gave me an insight into what makes a candidate hireable.

Ok so first yes, he did say education is important! It demonstrates that the person is committed, intelligent and is keen to learn however he continued to say that it is not the be all and end all to success. Alan Sugar is one of the most successful businessmen and he left school at 16.

Be a go getter!

What stands out on a CV for Ben and I’m sure other digital experts is someone who clearly wants to be involved, a ‘go getter’. To support your academic career it is important to demonstrate that you didn’t just keep your nose in the books. Any extracurricular activity is a great example of you going and getting things. This could be sport, music, volunteering or any work experience, and when I say ‘work’ it does not have to be specifically digitally related either. Working in any employment shows that you voluntarily gave up your free time when you could have been relaxing with your friends, to work and earn money…or no money! Big thumbs up.

The point that we mainly discussed was that he would hire a candidate who displayed a positive attitude and ambition over another candidate with top top academics.  

So I have come to this conclusion....

As a graduate you need to stand out from the crowd or more specifically you need to on that 10 people grad day! Having a positive attitude towards working 9-5, genuinely saying that you want to be in manager position within 5 years and demonstrating you care, and want to work for the company and are what makes you hireable, not your 1st, sport skills or digital internship. Those things are GREAT and perfect examples of you being able to do the job you applied for. What secures the job however is your approach in an interview. How are you going to add value to the company? The answer, by working the hours they ask or more, constantly wanting to learn and passion for the company’s values.

This is a really exciting time for the digital industry and technologies keep on advancing, making brands lives a lot simpler to advertise effectively and those brands playing a major part in online user experience and ease for the consumer.

Don’t wait for New Year’s resolution time to come around, apply now and send your CV into to us! 

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