1. Here’s to Strong Women; may we know them; may we be them; may we raise them

    Here’s to Strong Women; may we know them; may we be them; may we raise them. Tuesdays event for Women in Recruitment really embodied this theme. Here I sat in a room of strong, successful and inspiring women. Yet all of us were asking the same que...

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    9 days ago
  2. How equal are we really?

    The fact we even need an International Women’s Day is a travesty in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support it, but it is a shame that in today’s world putting women on a level playing field is still having to be written into agendas. Equalit...

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    10 days ago
  3. Why relocate to one of Europe's tech hubs

    Recent analysis of LinkedIn’s EU based members found that despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit, London is still the number one city for European tech talent moving for work with the UK capital welcoming more digital and tech talent than any ot...

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    23 days ago
  4. Recruiting digital talent across Europe and North America

    We have recruited internationally since our inception, yet over the last few years this has become an increasingly important part of our plan and service offering. More and more of our customers are reaching out to us for help growing their teams ...

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    27 days ago
  5. Employee experience... why does it matter?

    ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ We’ve all heard the saying, but in today’s working world there are all manner of factors that will impact upon an individual’s ‘love’ for their job. These could be remune...

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    30 days ago
  6. The importance of good employee wellbeing for businesses performance

    The importance of wellbeing in the work place is a subject close to my heart. Having spent years in my early career chained to a desk, told I couldn’t have a chair for an hour in some sort of Wolf of Wall Street attempt to make me up my productivi...

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    about 2 months ago

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