1. Should you accept a counter offer?

    Everything’s gone to plan. You weren’t happy in your role, felt you should be earning more and now, after conducting an under the radar job search, you’ve been offered a new role with more money. But when the time comes to hand your notice in your...

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    about 14 hours ago
  2. 9 things to avoid during a phone interview

    At Sphere, we spend a considerable amount of time on the phone gathering information and whilst in our opinion, nothing beats face-to-face interaction, phone interviews are a great way to save both candidates and clients time and effort during the...

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    about 19 hours ago
  3. How to ace your second interview

    You got through the first round. Held it together even through the nerves. You aced all their questions, built a good relationship with the interviewer and left feeling as though you'd totally smashed it! Now you’ve been asked to present a respons...

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    9 days ago
  4. The impact of GDPR & Data Privacy on Ad Tech

    Following on from our event in July, which focused on the new GDPR legislation and it's impact on the advertising industry, we caught up with Vincent Potier, founder of London Digital Ventures to get his views on what's been happening and the futu...

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    21 days ago
  5. Why working with a start-up will do wonders for your career

    This week it was unveiled that Apple is the first public company to be valued at a massive $1 trillion. That is 12 zeros behind that 1… That’s a huge number for a company that’s been going just over 40 years. Apple had to start somewhere though, a...

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    about 1 month ago
  6. How to find out if your next company values work-life balance

    When interviewing, the focus is more often than not on trying to sell yourself against a set of requirements your skills and experience are suited to. But whilst it’s important for you to highlight your ability to do the job, it’s equally importan...

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    about 1 month ago
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