1. Graduating? Your degree could be perfect for...

    The years of hard work have come to an end. All your coursework's handed in. Your exams are over... but what's next? If you're at the end of your degree and you don't know what to do next, don't worry, you're not alone. You might be surprised by h...

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    6 days ago
  2. What can we learn from Jose Mourinho?

    Build around your superstars You need to not only publicly support your biggest players, but actively go out of your way to get them onside and keep them there. Immerse yourself in getting under the skin of those you would choose to take into batt...

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    18 days ago
  3. Laws of Attraction – Attracting the Top 10% of Talent and How to Be That Brand

    Whether you’re a CEO or looking to start your first job, culture is the word on everyone’s lips. The very best talent available are no longer satisfied only with the promise of a strong compensation package, job security and career progression, th...

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    19 days ago
  4. Accepting your first job offer

    Your time at university has come to an end and you’re ready to enter the world of work. You’ve applied, interviewed and now you’ve received your first job offer, but what’s next? It can be all too tempting to accept the offer on the spot but be ca...

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    about 1 month ago
  5. The most in-demand soft skills for 2019

    LinkedIn recently published its annual list of the top skills for 2019, with data taken from across the platform to determine both the hard skills and soft skills that are in high-demand and low-supply. With 57% of senior leaders on LinkedIn sayin...

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    about 2 months ago
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