1. Why diversity and inclusion at work matters: the value of LGBTQ employees

    We know intuitively that diversity matters and today’s workforce has become increasingly diverse. People perform better when they can be themselves and companies of all shapes and sizes should be doing all they can to promote a diverse and inclusi...

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    18 days ago
  2. A busy but brilliant first 6 months at Sphere!

    Well, the first half of 2018 is almost over and as ever it’s been a busy but brilliant first 6 months! We’ve started the year with a bang and I’ve been delighted that our teams have been able to help so many of you grow your teams. There's been lo...

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    about 1 month ago
  3. Hiring a graduate? Why group assessments can work for you

    It's that time of year again; university exams are over (or very nearly) and the market will soon be filled with fresh grads eager to take their first steps into the exciting world of digital! Hiring graduates is a fantastic way to bring innovatio...

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    about 1 month ago
  4. 5 reasons why graduates should choose a career in recruitment

    So, you've finished university, got yourself your degree and you’re now faced with the prospect of starting your career. But where to start? There are any number of options to choose from, particularly if your degree doesn’t guide you towards a sp...

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    about 2 months ago
  5. 10 great questions to ask in your next interview

    You’ve completed the first step in the search for your next role and landed yourself an interview, but what’s next? Whilst the interview is designed for you to sell yourself, it’s as much an opportunity for you to find out all you can about the co...

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    about 2 months ago
  6. Why should you use an interactive PDF?

    I thought today I'd have a chat about PDF portfolios, something I get asked a lot about. I spent this week meeting candidates and, in particular, I met someone with an awesome interactive PDF. He showed me how to do it, and you can follow along to...

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    2 months ago
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